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Red Letters

This made for HBO thriller follows a college literature professor (Peter Coyote) as he reluctantly hides an escaped female convict (Nastassja Kinski), who tries to get him to help prove her innocent of a murder, also starring Fairuza Balk, Ernie Hudson, Paul Gleason and Jeremy Pivens. Directed by Bradley Battersby.


Embrace of the Vampire

An 18-year old college freshman (Alyssa Milano) is seduced by a handsome vampire lover (Martin Kemp) who introduces her to a dark world of carnal desires. Also starring Jennifer Tilly, Rachel True, Jordan Ladd and Charlotte Lewis. Produced by Alan Mruvka and Directed by Anne Goursaud.


State and Main

State and Main follows a big-budget movie crew as they descend upon a quaint New England village sowing a bumper crop of corruption, vanity and greed in the days before the cameras finally roll. Money changes hands, careers are jeopardized and love blossoms in the small-town soil. Starring Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, William H. Macy and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Produced and distributed under The Alan Mruvka Company's Filmtown label and written and Directed by acclaimed writer, David Mammet.


Digging to China

Precocious young Harriet (Evan Rachel Wood) lives with her much older sister, Gwen (Mary Stuart Masterson), at a New Hampshire motel owned by their mother (Cathy Moriarty), and dreams of a life beyond her neglectful family and stultifying town. When Ricky (Kevin Bacon), a mentally disabled man, stays at the motel, Harriet finds him to be kinder and more interesting than anyone she has ever known before. After tragedy strikes, Harriet and Ricky cling to each other ever more tightly. Directed by Academy Award winner Timothy Hutton.