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Red Letters

[layerslider id="21" /] This made for HBO thriller follows a college literature professor (Peter Coyote) as he reluctantly hides an escaped female convict (Nastassja Kinski), who tries to get him to help prove her innocent of a murder, also starring Fairuza Balk, Ernie Hudson, Paul Gleason and Jeremy [...]


Embrace of the Vampire

[layerslider id="19" /] Embrace of the Vampire An 18-year old college freshman (Alyssa Milano) is seduced by a handsome vampire lover (Martin Kemp) who introduces her to a dark world of carnal desires. Also starring Jennifer Tilly, Rachel True, Jordan Ladd and Charlotte Lewis. Produced by Alan Mruvka [...]


State and Main

[layerslider id="23" /] State and Main follows a big-budget movie crew as they descend upon a quaint New England village sowing a bumper crop of corruption, vanity and greed in the days before the cameras finally roll. Money changes hands, careers are jeopardized and love blossoms in the [...]


Digging to China

[layerslider id="22" /] Precocious young Harriet (Evan Rachel Wood) lives with her much older sister, Gwen (Mary Stuart Masterson), at a New Hampshire motel owned by their mother (Cathy Moriarty), and dreams of a life beyond her neglectful family and stultifying town. When Ricky (Kevin Bacon), a mentally [...]